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Great to know the options available to the public for maintaining a youthful appearance and helping one feel good as we age.

Vag beautification

Since I have an interest in having one of the procedures discussed in this podcast, I found it it be very informative.

Learn from the best …

Plastic surgery can be a sensitive topic for people to discuss with others. Dr. Grossman is providing a safe and ethical place for anyone contemplating taking the first steps or reverse steps regarding these procedures. It’s important for patients to know all of their options and potential risk factors and these topics are addressed from a place of vast knowledge, experience and honesty.

Informative, educational and comprehensive

I very much enjoyed the First episode of this series. Dr Grossman is very informative and engaging yet understandable for the non-medical person too. I’m looking forward to more of these shows too!

More please !

Very informative. I really enjoyed the second episode. Can’t wait for more.

Honest Information

What a great listen!!! The information presented regarding breast augmentation was beyond informative for someone considering surgery and even someone that has already had an augmentation. I enjoyed learning about the history of the implant and what women went through, to achieve so called beauty. Thank you!!!

Great Information

Very informative podcast! I really enjoyed listening to it. It covered all basis on breast augmentation surgery. Looking forward to listening to the weekly podcast!


Great! Can’t wait for episode 2

Looking forward to more!!!

Funny, honest and to the point!


As a fellow board certified plastic surgeon I enjoyed listening to Dr Peter Grossman’s podcast. It rightfully encourages extreme caution in selecting a provider for cosmetic enhancement. It is indeed challenging to separate fluff, often supported by fancy marketing and photoshopped images, from truly aesthetically superior results. The combination of advanced surgical/ cosmetic medicine skills with judgement personalized to each patient’s individual needs is necessary for the best outcomes. Dr Grossman is gifted and keenly cares about his Patients. Peter B Fodor